HE Webinar 7th May Cover Image

Webinar – Enabling flexible working for now and tomorrow

Roc Director of Strategic Alliances, Mark Benson; Craig Bramley from Citrix and Chris Marks from Nutanix will discuss business continuity with secure, scalable delivery of content and applications; underpinned ...

HE Webinar 21st May Cover Image

Webinar – Replanning your projects portfolio after the COVID-19 lockdown

Roc’s Head of Projects and Programmes, Andy Clarke, looks at how project portfolios will need to be re-planned based on post-lockdown changes. Portfolio Managers can look forward to facing a delayed portfo...

HE Webinar 14th May Cover Image

Webinar – Liberate costs and improve experience

Roc’s Process Transformation Team will present how virtual process workshops can rapidly free costs from outdated processes, starting with Roc’s business process ‘accelerators’ – then bring them to life digital...