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Whitepaper – Transforming Higher Education

The demands on universities and colleges are changing rapidly. Some of these demands are driven by short-term pressures, whilst others are longer term trends powered by the need to remain competitive, attract the right students, drive innovation, and obtain investment.

Infographic – Bringing the Digital Classroom to Life

With a focus on helping education institutions harness cloud technology, Roc Technologies specialises in creating a remote-ready campus, fit for the ever-changing education environment.

Datasheet – Low-Code for Local Authorities

When it comes to digital transformation, local authorities don’t have the luxury of time or budget. Using rapid process automation you can deploy new digital services to colleagues and citizens in weeks.

Guide – Back Up as a Service

Roc’s secure cloud based Back up as a Service offers unified data management, helping to protect and manage data across disparate and complex environments, whether data resides On Premise or in the Cloud.

Datasheet – IT Managed Services

Managing technology is about enabling a business to operate more effectively with tangible business benefits. Whether you are looking to outsource the management of a particular part of your IT infrastructure or your entire IT estate, Roc offers a range of IT Managed Services, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

LSH Auto Case Study

LSH Auto is taking a new and innovative direction by engaging in a multi-year managed service and transformation.

Guide – Network Accelerate Assessment Service

Facilitated by Roc Technologies, Roc’s Network Accelerate Assessment is designed to help organisations to understand where load

Webinar – Enabling flexible working for now and tomorrow

Roc’s Director of Strategic Alliances, together with Craig Bramley from Citrix and Chris Marks from Nutanix discuss business continuity with secure, scalable delivery of content and applications; underpinned by simple and scalable infrastructure for flexible working/learning.

Webinar – Liberate costs and improve experience

Roc’s Process Transformation Team present how virtual process workshops can rapidly free costs from outdated processes, starting with Roc’s business process ‘accelerators’ and then bring them to life digitally through Low-code applications.

Whitepaper – Lessons in Networking

More than ever university students are consumers and their education viewed as a product they are buying. Roc’s Lessons In

Guide – Desktop as a Service

Facilitated by Roc Technologies, Citrix Desktop as a service (DAAS) delivers virtual desktops and applications, as and when they are needed,

Guide – Microsoft Teams Collaboration Service

For those organisations that lack the IT capacity, resource or knowledge to adopt an enterprise-class

Guide – Remote Business Process Workshop

Roc’s Online Business Process Workshop Service provides customers with clearly

Whitepaper – A Business Approach to SAP Deployment

Download our latest whitepaper to understand more about SAP deployment, why there is