New desktop, web and mobile applications in weeks

Say goodbye to long software development cycles. Roc Technologies uses a Low-code approach to build the desktop, web and mobile applications you need, fast. See a prototype in days and new applications live within weeks of a project start.


Four steps to design and deliver the applications you need

Our rapid application development team works hand-in-hand with you and our process-led transformation team to turn your business processes into valuable, time-saving applications
  • 2-web-1

    Assess – 1 hour to 1 day

    We can work with you to identify business processes that are good candidates for digitisation

  • 2-web-1

    Understand – 1 day to 1 week

    We work with your users to understand what they’d like to see from the new applications

  • 2-web-1

    Collaborate – 2 weeks to 2 months

    We can build a first version of solutions quickly, as the basis for development, if it is appropriate

  • 2-web-1

    Deploy – 1 day to 1 week

    We train your users if needed, roll out the application and manage it for you if required


Working with Roc Technologies has major benefits for you, your organisation and your users:

  • Deliver applications faster

    By working with an experienced team of Low-code development specialists

  • Functionality you need

    With a user-centred design approach that involves users at every step

  • Free up time and resources

    With modern applications that automate processes and enable user self-service

  • Reduce operational costs

    By removing the time, expense and error potential of doing things manually

  • Improve user experience

    By delivering slick, user-friendly applications that ‘just do’ what users want them to

  • Accelerate digital

    Get new digital services delivered faster, so you meet your digital transformation goals

  • Respond faster to change

    Deliver applications to handle emerging regulations, new ways of working, or fast-moving events

  • Proven Approach

    Higher quality and reduced risk with regular check-ups to ensure that the application meets your need


The applications you need, faster

Our Low-code approach means we create applications based on pre-defined building blocks, rather than coding everything from scratch. It lets us create applications and services much faster, tailoring them to your requirements by building the functionality you need. Low-code has the potential to be at least 10 times faster than traditional development methods, with IT industry analyst Gartner predicting it will be responsible for 65% of all application development activity by 2024.

Roc Technologies’ Low-code approach is applicable for all industries and verticals. When combined with the Netcall Citizen Hub case management platform, enables us to deliver the functionality you need; helping you to establish a better, more engaged, relationship with your citizens.