Process-Led Transformation


We support you on your digital transformation journey by delivering process-led transformation quickly, cost-effectively, and sustainably enabling you to achieve your business goals.

Our highly experienced professionals, use Roc’s “Process-First” approach; Roc’s Business Process Accelerators and industry-leading software, to rapidly improve; digitise and automate business processes.


Digital transformation eases the pressure of large organisational change. We use our experience & expertise to analyse operations, innovate, and improve efficiency.

As process understanding develops it is possible to identify opportunities for digitisation, using low-code application development platforms, and / or automation, using our robotic process automation (RPA) virtual workers, to create more efficient operations.
Our Process Services Include:

Our Process Consultants work with you to map current processes within your business, delivering instant value. Based on your project objectives, this approach ensures that all processes are optimised, eliminating waste and hand-selecting improvement opportunities. These findings are used to make intelligent decisions on a tailor-made process-first approach for Process Automation and Process Digitisation.


Roc helps support organisations to
realise the following benefits:

  • Improved services

    Understanding the role each person plays in undertaking a process allows for a more streamlined experience and increases staff and customer satisfaction through better service.

  • Improved efficiency

    Clear, understandable processes ensure that colleagues get the job completed right, the first time, everytime.

  • Continued improvement

    Roc’s business process accelerators and process-first approach, provides the common language for collaboration between all stakeholders and provides the foundation for continuous improvement.

  • Reduced operational risk

    By providing clarity of an organisation’s processes and related control and compliance requirements we can help avoid unnecessary costs, through greater acceptance & adherence. Significantly reducing the impact of audits – time & cost.

  • Bring process to life

    Turning manual activities into new solutions that are developed in days and weeks, not months and years creates something we all more off – time.

  • Sweat the assets

    Transformation doesn’t mean changing everything. Through the use of intelligent automation and virtual workers, you can drive value from what you already have.

  • Change fast

    Knowing what you need to know and being aware of what is possible allows you to make decisions quickly, and act on them creating real competitive advantage.

  • Be on the front foot

    Through creating process assets and making intelligent decisions about what to automate and digitise you will have created time and space to think forwards.


Roc has successfully delivered transformation for clients across multiple sectors, both public and private, to support strategic objectives and operational needs.

Projects range from multi-million-pound global programmes, to point solutions to meet a specific requirement or mitigate an identified risk. Our approach is flexible and scalable to suit any requirements.


Our sector footprint includes:

Higher Education
Emergency Services