Partners: ORIIUM


Roc’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) approach delivers a unified data management service to protect and manage data across disparate and complex environments, whether data resides on premises, private or public cloud (or a combination of the three).  BaaS is provided through our partnership with ORIIUM and is based on the Commvault backup software. The service provides an off-site, cloud based, flexible and scalable approach to backups. Moreover, customers gain backup assurance, ease of recovery and secure data protection capabilities. The cloud services are provided from Tier 3+ UK sovereign data centres in multiple geographic locations.

Backup operations and infrastructure are fully managed and highly scalable, with flexible deployment models and retention periods to manage data protection operations and compliance globally from a unified platform.

Roc partners with ORIIUM to deliver our BaaS offering, as they enable us to deliver industry recognised solutions, scale and expertise. ORIIUM helps some of the largest multinational and public sector organisations protect and control their data and applications. ORIIUM works with Roc, and its customers, in delivering fully managed application control, data protection, governance and rapid recovery solutions