Partners: Exonar


Combined with Roc’s IT consulting, delivery and managed services capabilities, we can offer solutions to help customers with their digital transformation initiatives when moving to the cloud. Exonar’s data discovery tool provides an enriched and instantly searchable view of an organisation’s data and the ongoing analytics and insight needed to optimise cloud environments and ensure good data governance.

This unique datamining solution helps customers with:

  • Data migration – Moving the right data to the cloud in the most cost effective way
  • Regulation compliance – Monitoring the privacy of data across your estate
  • Data security – Track, locate and efficiently manage sensitive data in your estate

Exonar is world-leading data discovery software that indexes and understands hundreds of Gigabytes and even Petabytes of information held in any type of data repository within an organisation, similar to what Google search does for the internet. Customers can understand, manage, govern and leverage their information. Exonar believes that data should power and protect organisations and the people they serve.