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Cross Industry Exchange for Process Excellence & Advancement

Process sits at the core of every business, industry and public service.

Processes define how products are made, services sold, goods shipped, children educated, buildings used, cities lived in, and patients treated. They define the way organisations and people work, develop new products, or improve existing ones, how they share ideas, serve customers, deal with complaints or compliments. And they define how organisations comply to legislation and regulations, and ensure how organisations do the right thing, in the right way, all of the time, every time.

Over the past 20 years we have seen the greatest changes to the way the world works since the industrial revolution, and the growth in globalisation and digitisations are now being over taken by automation and artificial intelligence. The processes used by organisations are being pushed and pulled like never before, and as we strive to keep our organisations running efficiently and effectively we are also looking to disrupt business models, shift them from physical to online, change our organisations from creating products to delivering services, attract a new generation who have new ideas of what work is and where work is done, and transform the world into a world where everything is connected. The lifecycle of a product continues well after we have sold it as it becomes an IoT connected device producing millions of data point that all impact the way our organisations do business.

The Cross-Industry Exchange for Process Excellence and Advancement has been formed to translate the changes happening in a fast-changing world into best practice process frameworks and research and explore the future potential of process in a world driven by robots and artificial intelligence. Members are drawn from some of the world’s leading users of process excellence, and bring together the latest examples of process best practice drawn from across industry, publish guidance and guidelines into key areas of process excellence, and initiate research into the future of process and how it can and must adapt to our changing world.

With founder members from Amey, Novartis, Abbvie, NFU Mutual and Roc Technologies the group will publish its findings to the wider process community and welcome members who can bring their experience and organisations willingness to explore new process strategies, to facilitate the world’s first cross-industry centre of excellence for process advancement.

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Founding Members:

Amey – Amy Liebig-Phillpotts

Amy has held a number of operational excellence roles over the past 15 years in the UK in the Services and Outsourcing sectors. She’s currently the Head of Business Improvement and Director of The Process Centre of Excellence at Amey plc. Amy is passionate about delivering transformational change through establishing the solid foundations needed in order to embrace transforming ideas and deliver sustainable and assured transformational results. Amy operates under the principle that we must understand our customer’s needs to design a process which will serve them well and that understanding the ideal process should precede any technology design in order to get the best outcomes.

Novartis – Lorenz Yeboah

Lorenz is a Senior Supply Chain Professional with over 25 years international experience in both operational and strategic roles. A chartered Engineer in Precision Mechanics, bilingual (English/German), he has lived and worked in Europe and Sub-Sahara Africa.His career began at Eli Lilly & Co. and he is presently Head of Business Process Excellence and Standardisation at Novartis Pharma AG in Switzerland, responsible for transforming and standardising, harmonized business processes and metrics for internal and external partners. Enabling a continuous flow of market information, increasing visibility and ensuring the ability to reliably supply medicines to customers.Lorenz has a special interest in embedding D&I principles in the organisations he works in and is passionate about developing and implementing simple yet sustainable solutions to improve access to medicine for patients globally, with a special focus on emerging markets.

AbbVie – Jill Geist

Jill Geist has been with Abbott/AbbVie for over 35 years. She has held a variety of roles, including Process Development Engineer, Senior Medical Writer, and Business Technology Consultant, where she led the AbbVie Industry Engagement program to monitor, influence, and engage, with industry associations, standards organizations, and Regulatory agencies across US and Europe for those initiatives that have a technology component.Jill’s also assessed and recommended technology solutions to address emerging business challenges. Implementation of Nimbus was her last recommendation before she moved back to the business side of the fence. Jill has a passion for learning, teaching, and process modeling, which explains her current role as a Quality System Manager in the Compliance Operations organization, supporting all things Nimbus.

Charlie Bamber

Charlie has more than twenty years’ experience trying to persuade busy and intelligent people that following the process isn’t as tedious an idea as it sounds. To make this more likely to happen, he obsesses about the currency, fitness for purpose and usability of an organisation’s knowledge assets, and making the journey from question to answer as intuitive, painless and rewarding as possible. He has also worked extensively within the financial services sector, professional services, and for Sky Television. Prior to all that, he used to play a bit of tennis.

Roc Technologies – Dave Easterbrook

Dave is the Roc Client Director for the Life Sciences Sector and other Major Accounts. He moved into an Account Management role on joining Roc in 2015, moving from a successful career as a Professional Services Director with a proven track record of success in over 30 years of implementing process led business change in organisations across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, enabled by SAP, Oracle and TIBCO software. The majority of that time was spent in key leadership roles for major software vendors – JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Nimbus and TIBCO and focused on delivering tangible business benefits to customers. Dave has an excellent understanding of customer business problems, together with pragmatic and cost effective solutions to those problems.