The Right Applications to Support the Modern Workspace

With remote working a necessity for many employees and organisations, IT decision makers must rapidly develop and implement strategies that enable this mode of operation. IT departments are under huge pressure to deliver modern workplaces which retain control, implement security centrally, update applications regularly and deliver at scale.

Users simply want a frictionless, consistent, quality experience, having the applications they need to do their job, with the right settings and security levels baked in.

Packaging applications in the right way is central to achieving this. Roc’s application packaging service provides a simple model for customers, with a predictable low monthly cost, negating the need for large capital expenditure projects and unpredictable ongoing project-based work.

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Roc’s Application Packaging Service supports IT Departments by providing a managed, documented portfolio of easily deployable packages which have many positive outcomes:

Evaluate applications – find the best way to package applications for deployment

Control software versioning – for simpler management, reduced support issues and overall cost savings

Quick and effective deployment - avoid additional implementation costs, less business disruption and re-training headaches

Overcome application compatibility, replacement and legacy issues

Facilitate quicker and easier transformation to Public Cloud services

Consistent, repeatable and standardised application delivery

How does the service work?

Scope: Initial scoping and Rough Order of Magnitude pricing

Concept: Carry out Proof of Concept against defined success criteria


Enablement: The transition to a Live service model

Service: delivery of an outcomes-based service, within a flexible and scalable framework

Roc offers capabilities to deliver part or full end-to-end transformations to key IT services:

Programme and project management using Roc’s practice methodologies

Process practices to understand and model an organisation’s processes, improve them and automate workflows

Professional services teams, with highly accredited technical consultants and solution architects to deliver Citrix and Microsoft integrated solutions

Managed services, to deliver proactive ITIL and operational support for the lifespan of the solution